Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Finishing Book Project

Okay, back to work.  Here are the next steps in making a book out of the silver try I cut up a few days ago.  This project is very time consuming but the finished product is so cool. 

 I took the two pieces of tray and attached small brass hinges.  Then I found this decorative edge and attached it with grommets over the hinges.

  This is where you get creative and just try different things. For this book I made a paper flower out of old ledger paper and added a vintage button in the center. Then I layered the same ledger paper with dupioni silk some rhinestones the flower and placed it all under an old glass clock face. 
For the book pages, I use water color paper and add the ledger paper to the edge. This is just a nice touch that adds character to the book.
  Finish it off by adding more rhinestones around the glass and some embellishments. Then lace the book and pages up with the dupioni silk.
There you have it.