Sunday, March 18, 2012

Over the top "Alice in Wonderland" Birthday Party

 I just got back from Sacramento where my sister in law Molly and I threw a Birthday party for her 10 year old niece. The theme was "Alice in Wonderland" and we had so much fun.

It had rained in Sacramento all week so we ended up having to rent a tent but it worked out great.

Molly loves to do Candy Bars for her parties and all the colors in the glass jars are so much fun!

Each girl had her own place setting with fancy china, party hat, Drink Me bottles, candy and the list goes on.  We have a hard time editing because everything is so cute.

Molly found old tea cups and glued then together all topsy tervy.  Loved it.

I decorated Mad Hatter cookies and put the Birthday Girl's birth date on them.

The Birthday Girl with her cousin Lilly.  We had such a great time I can't wait to do it again.