Thursday, August 25, 2011

Getting Ready for Glitterfest!

My house is a mess, my craft room is a mess, my dog is feeling neglected, but I'm having a blast!

Some of you may need to look away for this project.  It's what I do, take something old and give it a new life.  In order to do that I must destroy the old first.

 In this case, I am working with a silver plated serving tray.  The kind all our grandmothers and most of our moms have.

 Looking good, safety first.

 First I remove the edge of the tray, then cut into two peices to work with.  This one gave me a heck of a time. 

Then there was 5

 Off to the grinder. This smoothes out all the edges so they are not sharp.

 Three hours later and you have 3 started books and 2 misc. shapes I have ideas for.  Did I forget to mention what I am making with this tray?  Check back to see what the next steps are and the finished product.

 Oh, and the dog! I told you he is feeling neglected.

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