Monday, January 16, 2012

Brooch Bouquet

I am making a silver tray guest book for a lady who I met at Glitterfest last year. She is getting married this February and has been collecting vintage brooches to make a brooch bouquet but didn't have anyone to put it together for her. I have seen them on Etsy but have never made one so when she asked me to make it for her I thought it sounded like fun.

I started by spreading out all the brooches and making two piles, ones for the bottom layer and the better ones for the top.

I used floral wire and tape to make stems.

First I had to start by cutting off all the pin backs.

After about two days and very sore fingers I had about 60 plus brooches ready to assemble into a bouquet.

I started off with a small bundle and kept adding to it.  I would check it in the mirror to see how it would look when being held by the bride.

I finished the handle by wrapping it with fabric from the bride.

 The bride had many pins with special meaning, like the "mother" pin and her new initials L and B.

I could not have been happier at how it turned out.


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  2. Your Mom was telling me about your brooch bouquet and how beautiful it was, she was so right! Gorgeous! Ad it looks like hard work to put it together. You and I met very briefly at Glitterfest, I hope you did well. All of your things are unique. See you this fall.

  3. Hi, Michelle, I was searching "How to make a brooch bouquet" and found your page, the bouquet is so lovely and beautiful,may I know how to wrap the wire and tape after you cut off the pins? I thought we have to wrap the wire onto the pin. Thank you so much for your help. Angela

  4. This bouquet is gorgeous!!!! I totally want one.


    Christine Barker

  5. Hi Michelle,

    I just discovered you in Somerset Life Magazine.
    I enjoyed your article, how creative you are and your photos are beautiful.
    This bouquet is stunning, well done!
    Thank you for sharing the inspiration and fun!

  6. when you cut off the pin part how did you put the wire on?

  7. Mind blowing brooch bridal bouquet! I like the design a lot. We will also be having grand wedding ceremony by the end of this year. So we are finding some popular rustic DC wedding venues for our destination ceremony. Can you suggest some good venues for us?