Friday, July 20, 2012

Lanie's 1st Birthday Carnival Invitations

You know it's been a while since your last blog when you can't figure out how to start a new page.  A few tries later and I think I got it.

My sister-in-law it having a Birthday part for her daughter who is turning 1 and asked me to make the invitations.  I had seen this vintage carnival paper in pinks, yellow and greens and loved it so we decided to go with that as our theme.

I wanted the front to be a carnival booth that would open up in the middle.  I started by cutting out all the shapes for the booth.

Then I added brown around all the edges to add some depth otherwise it was just to flat.

Glue all the pieces to a sheet of paper then cut away the extra so when you cut it down the middle it will all stay together.

Cut out all the cotton candy, three per card and add glitter to them.

I tried the booth on different shades of pink card stock to see what I liked best.  In the end I went with white and a hot pink envelope.

For the inside my sister-in-law Molly came up with the wording and found these great fonts on line to download for free.  I printed it on velum then added the pink cardstock behind it.

So fun.  They took a little longer then I would have liked but I enjoyed making them.  Now I want to make a life size carnival booth out of wood and paint it to match the invitations.  Thought it would be fun as the entrance to the party and to use as a photo booth.

Have to add a picture of Dozer sleeping. 
You got to love that face.