Thursday, November 29, 2012

Getting ready for a "Silver Tray Book" class

I went to an art retreat a few weeks ago called Spellbound.  It was so inspiring how everything was put together from the name tags to the class kits.  I thought I would borrow some of their amazing ideas for my own class I am teaching that's coming up.
This class is for my "Silver Tray Books".  Each kit comes with a pre cut tray for the front of the book and sheet metal for the back.  Two brass hinges, all the hardware and watercolor paper for the inside.  I made these bags to put everything in.  Most of the time I think I do this stuff to amuse myself but I know the ladies will appreciate it like I do.
Then I made these name tags for each of the ladies.  They look like I soldered them but I saved time by just using silver tape instead of the copper and didn't even need to add solder.  Everything is glued together and a pin was added to the back to wear the day of class so I can remember everyone's names.
One of the ladies at Spellbound used these trays in her class.  She got them at the .99 cent store.  I hunted them down and had to have them.  They work perfectly with the class theme don't you think.  After I put everything together on the trays I tied it with old seam binding ribbon and added the name tags.  I love how they turned out.
By the end of Saturday everyone should have a finished book that looks something like this one. 


  1. I love your silver books! A friend of mine just saw you at Glitterfest and sent us photos!! I would love to take one of your classes but I live in Texas.......any family in Texas you might want to come visit???? Loved your post,cindy

  2. Looking forward to taking one of your classes. I think your work/art/design is amazing. Good to see you today in Sally Jean's Class. Told Robin Sanchez to look you up tomorrow.