Friday, February 15, 2013

Silver Tray Book Class

 Here are the pictures from the class I taught in December
and the wonderful Ladies who came.
 Sorry I am so behind on getting this posted but better late then never.
 Everyone made a book from a silver plated serving tray.
They all turned out great!


  1. Do you sell book kits for those of us who live far away. If so how could I purchase one. Thanks

  2. I´ve just seen the one that Becca Feeken made here at the CHA too, and would like to know, if you would sell the How To´s for this amazing piece of art, as I´m not in the US but in Europe? I would really love if that was possible, as I think it looks absolutely stunning. I tryed to find an e-mail for you to send you a mail, but couldn´t find any informations about you anywhere, nor where in the US you´re from, as I´ll be in SC here late March and early April, but don´t know, if that´ll be anywhere close to you there?? So I hope, you´ll send me an answer by mail now, as i really interested in this beautiful project.

  3. I am like the previous two comments, and would like to know if you sell a tutorial or kits for your books. I would be interested in purchasing one.

  4. Sure do love the silverplate book... Would love directions... Do you sell kits or directions?

  5. Well, I'm adding my voice to others who are requesting more information for making the silverplate book...found you through Becca Feekin as well! One more request...your site is lovely but the color of font you are using makes it a bit difficult for those of us who are 'visually challenged' Could you consider a darker shade for more contrast? Thanks and looking forward to more information...Gigi